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Restructuring of hotel Residence Anne de Bretagne. After renovation the building will have a basement with technical premises, and 10 apartments: 5 downstairs and 5 upstairs. Work carried out in conformity to best practices and the regulations in force at the time.


a) Cleaning:
Washing façades, window frames, slating
Pliolite painting on cement filling, a dark stain coat on the woodwork under the roof.

b) Roofing:
All guttering identically replaced.


a) Tiling Ground-floor:
General resurfacing of existing tiling, including the parts taken down
Porcelain stoneware tiling 300 x 300, square laying, closed joints
Matching skirting boards
Porcelain stoneware tiling 300 x 300, diagonal laying, matching skirting boards for the ground floor bedrooms

b) Faience :
GROUND FLOOR: Faience 10.80 x 10.80 white, i.e. 0.60 front and surround on wall for the kitchenettes.
FIRST FLOOR : Faience 10.80 x 10.80 white identical as for the basins, Faience 10.80 x 10.80 for kitchenettes up to 0.60 m front and back


Aluminium fittings and PVC double-glazing
Entrance: Double door, 1 opening, 1 fixed, full sill, door closer, electric strike. Opening smoke evacuation frame, frames opening from ground floor level, case conforming to fire standards, extraction system with CO2 bottles.


Master key for barrel locks. European barrel type on bedroom doors.


BASEMENT: 3 hot water tanks, hot water piping insulation with polyurethane shell
GROUND AND FIRST FLOOR: bedrooms, Sanitary appliances washroom, shower cabin, toilette + basin.
Kitchenette suite, 1200 x 600 unit, sink, electric 2-ring hotplate, 110 litre refrigerator and recyclable extractor hood.

For all sanitary appliances renewal of existing piping â€" hot, cold, and waste water.
Nomenclature of sanitary appliances and kitchenette.
Taps: Mixer tap ROCCA VICTORIA PLUS for basin, sink, bidet. Kitchenette with MODERNA unit.
Sanitary appliance ROCA, POLO series
WHIRLPOOL recycling extractor hood.
KINEDO shower cabin junior CA 59.
First floor DELABIE tap.


a) Electricité :
Installations conforming to C15 â€" 100, PROMOTELEC standards, electric convector heating, low-voltage TV â€" FM, hot water production toilette and kitchenette, emergency lighting, earthing.
Individual metering

Supply hot water tank.
Local lighting installations â€" Mapelec 75 W lamp, lighting on access, under IRO tube or VGV cable, plexi-switch, installation of a PVC plexi 2 x 16A + T.
Corridor lighting MAPELEC 75W lamp
Emergency lighting supplies electric strike plate, digital door entry system.
Circuit-breaker protection for the SG, from the bedrooms and existing distribution boards.
The convector heating for the common areas is thermostat controlled.
Wall lights, switches in common areas, 1 power point 2 x 16A + T, security door entrance lighting, entrance side lamp and switch.
AIRELEC 2WK Convector.
Exterior access digital door entry system, supply electric strike plate access door.
LEGRAND NEPTUNE claw mounting appliances.
250 VITOUER lamp.
AIRELEC 2WK convector
Supply of bedrooms by RO2V cable from basement BPS D250A meter.
Set for the supply protection for bedrooms downstairs upstairs, R02V 3x6 â€" 3x10 cable.
A modular panel with unipolar circuit-breaker protection
LEGRAND NEPTUNE claw mounting appliances.

b) Low-voltage:
Emergency light.
Supply from SG meter.
TV cable and sockets in all bedrooms.
Amplifier in ground floor technical premises.
LEGRAND equipment
Bedroom heating thermostats


a) Basement :
White paint for corridors, store room, telephone room, corridor ceiling.
White painting wall and hot water tank room ceiling.
Woodwork, doorframes, hot, cold, and waste water piping silk-finish lacquer...

Ceiling and walls in mat lacquer paint.
Doors, frames, Glycero silk-finish lacquer

c) Wall facings:
Wall facings on all walls glued glass cloth


Staircase, first floor, stained finish.
Corridor, first floor bedroom, facing in GERFLOR on fibre mortar.
Ground floor glazed frames facing street, 3m opaque film half-way up.